Pre-term Scare

imageYes, these are hospital tags. On my arm.

In the early hours of Monday morning, I couldn’t fall asleep and at around 00:30, I started feeling extreme back pain that went all the way into my tummy, causing it to contract every few minutes. I first assumed it could be constipation pains due to the fact that I felt similar pain to this in that situation. I went to relieve myself and waited for the pain to go away. But it didn’t help…

Byren asked me if the contractions felt like I was going into labour. I couldn’t answer him. I didn’t know how that felt.  When I went into labour with Chase, my water broke but I felt no pain through my contractions. So yeah, I didn’t exactly know what to expect.

At around 01:30, we phoned Byren’s parents to come pick Chase up while we headed for the hospital. It was a bit of a blur of everything. Chase crying while being dragged into the car. I was trying not to rush around too much with packing his things up for the night. Byren was a lot calmer than I expected. He packed all my hospital bags in the car and then helped me get in.

When we arrived at the hospital, I had to use a wheelchair to be taken to obstetrics. I must admit it was a little embarrassed as I was perfectly capable of walking myself to the needed unit, but it was insisted so I went along with it. Lucky for me, at 02:00, the hospital halls were empty. As I was being wheeled around, I realised my nails were painted.

“These are the thoughts that passed through my head, not the fact that I might be going into preterm labour.”

As some mom’s will know, you’re not allowed to wear nail polish in the theatre. Something about your nails catching on fire with the heat in the room. I don’t know. I can’t remember the details of that conversation.

All Byren was telling me was to stop worrying about the wrong things. Those were details that were not important to our current situation. At this point, I wasn’t complaining about the distractions in my head.

So they gave me a bed, gave me a gown and told me to pee in a cup. I was so stressed out I couldn’t undress myself properly, I couldn’t remember which way to wear my gown and I couldn’t even pee. Nice.

Once I was in bed, the observations began.

  • Urine Sample – check
  • Blood pressure – check
  • Pulse reading – check
  • Temperature – check

With all the tests clearing up without any alarm signs, the nurse connected my belly to the heart monitor for Ehren and the contractions monitor. We were left alone for about 30 minutes while the machines went on with the check ups.

So I was experiencing contractions and Ehren was doing fine as well, no fetal distress was picked up. Next they had to do the internal check which hurt like hell. It’s easy for the nurses to tell you to relax in that situation, but you don’t feel that way. You just want to squeeze everything shut and keep it that way. The observation went well. They told me everything was still intact and that my cervix wasn’t dilated. However, they needed to stop the contractions before they became severe enough to actually send me into  labour. Next thing I remember is drinking a purple pill, getting an injection in the butt and then falling asleep. That’s all I remember for a couple of hours.

Eventually, the nurses came to do routine checks again so I was woken up to do more observations. Byren had left during the night as there was no reason for him to stick around until we knew what was happening. He did come back a few hours later because he couldn’t sleep from the worry. Once again, observations were done. The injection had helped – the contractions were going away. Thank goodness!!

My Doctor came in to do the final check ups and then discharged me from the hospital. Once I was home, I just slept. Slept all day. Apparently the injection takes a while to work out of your system. Until then, you’re gonna sleep when it kicks in. It’s a little sucky!! But necessary, because it’s the only thing that stopped me from going into full on labour.

Yes. That was my start to the week. I have just hit 36 weeks and now my body is starting to collapse. Ehren is also lying very low; the nurse could feel his head when she was doing the internal observation. So yes, my body is taking a little strain. And also I don’t really take the time to rest which affects me even more.

So today, Tuesday, I’m at home. The Doctor booked me off for two days. And he also suggested me taking the next few weeks easy and recommended me working from home for the time I have left.

So as of tomorrow, I’m officially working from home for the remainder of the time. And this way I can still get some rest in and complete my work as needed.

This little dress rehearsal was fun, but now we’d like to wait for the official date of Ehren’s arrival. With no complications, no fake scares and no leaving the hospital with a belly, but a baby in our arms.

Talk with Toddler: 34 Months

Dear Chase,

Well, well, another month has passed by. Which means we have just over two weeks until Ehren’s arrival. After almost eight months of waiting, two weeks doesn’t seem like much!

It’s really nice hearing you say “Baba” every time you see my bulging stomach. And you always have a smile playing around when you say it. It’s awesome because it shows that you’re understanding what’s happening {sort of}.

I’m glad we don’t have to answer questions about how a baby made his way into Mama’s tummy. I’m relieved knowing that most of the talking will be done by Daddy  when you’re old enough of course. Then he’ll have to do it again with Ehren. Yes, relieved is the word.
imageYour favourite activities this month have included making a statement every time you {and whoever else} farted. “Goodbye, more privacy..” 

Of course, it was funny the first few times. We laughed. A lot. But now, it’s a little uncomfortable because you feel judged every time you go through the natural ways. Then you always screw up your face as if you’re disgusted – and that you’re judging. But you’ll never give yourself the same treatment.

Another activity you’ve been enjoying is blessing everyone when they sneeze. Even if I fake sneeze, which I did a few times to teach to you to respond with ‘bless you’. Hey! It worked!! And you make it sound more sincere than most adults do!

It seems there’s something new every month to your growing list of weird and wonderful things.

Just remember to never stop being yourself!

Love you always,

Your Mama

Benefits of: Olives

> Eliminate excess cholesterol in the blood

> Control blood pressure

> Source of dietary fibre as an alternative to fruits and vegetables

> Act as an antioxidant

> Great protection against anaemia

> Enhances fertility and reproductive system

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