Bad Mama: “Cling Cling” – Round Two


Some parents will argue that you can spoil a child from a very young age with too much holding, hugging and kissing. Others will argue that there’s no way that you can spoil a child with love because that’s the only language they understand from such a young age.

I stand for the second reasoning. I don’t believe you can spoil a kiddo with love. I truly believe that love is the first language that is understood by them.

Hang on though, before you make up your mind. There are other ways to spoiling your kids.
Things like not setting in rules, not setting boundaries, not setting routines. Yip. No matter what age, you need all that. It won’t just make your kids’ lives easier but yours as well. With so much madness already going on around you, you need to create sanity on your own.

See, here are two mistakes I made with Chase. I didn’t start potty training him when I was suppose to. And I didn’t force him enough to leave the bottle. He’s just turned three recently; he still wears pull ups with no intention of using the potty and he wants a bottle of milk every evening and every morning. Of course, with Ehren on nappies and formula, the pull ups are becoming an expensive luxury. Because I’m still a little lazy {and with very little patience} to start fully potty training him.

On Friday night, I bathed Chase before dinner time and instead of putting on his pull ups, I made him wear underwear. I told him to tell me when he needed to pee so we could go to the potty. For about two hours he wore the undies with no accidents and I kept on asking him every 15 minutes if he needed to use the potty.

Just before bed, I told him to sit on the potty while I made him his milk before bed. Oh he cried!He cried when I told him to sit still on the potty and pee if he needed to. Every time he tried to get off it, I just made him sit down again and told him to rethink just in case he needed to use it.

I was sure that by the time I returned with the milk he would’ve escaped to his bedroom. Nope. As I looked inside, he had stopped crying but was still sitting on the potty.
That was a good thing. Maybe he didn’t want me in the bathroom while he sat on the potty. See, up until recently he wasn’t shy to do these things around me. Now that he is a year older, I feel like I have a miniature teenager running around my house, minus late night parties and exams.

I put on a pull up since I know during the night he won’t wake up to use the potty and it’s hard for me to create a routine for him at night because Ehren doesn’t have a night routine yet {he’s barely two months old}.

So during the day I have decided to leave the pull ups on the side and make him wear his undies. I’ve had them for a year now, unused. It’s time to make them serve their purpose, I’d say.

I’m expecting a few accidents. A lot really since he won’t tell me when he needs to use the potty. But I’m hoping the wetness and discomfort will push him to telling me of his needs and making sure he gets to the potty on time.

Wish me luck!