Ugh, make it stop!!!

I’m feeling even worse than yersterday.

I’ve been feeling nauseous all day. I had light craps in my abdoman. I’m only due for my next cycle in a week’s time so I can’t be having those craps already.

I feel bloated. Yes, definitely bloated.
I feel hungry almost directly about two hours after I’ve eaten a meal. Just today I couldn’t stop drinking Coke. & I’m emotional as hell. Cried twice from over upsetting myself.
I feel gassy & I keep feeling that I need to go to the loo, but suddenly I feel constipated {cringe word}. So I feel I need to go but once I’m there, nothing. I don’t know what the hell is happening.

All these things I’m feeling are pregnancy symptoms, I know. But I don’t want to get carried away just yet. I mean, all it could be is me imagining it up because deep down I really want another baby. {Although I don’t know how one can imagine feeling nauseous to such an extent that it feels real.

Any of these symptoms ring a bell? IF i was preggers, I’d only be three weeks along.

Nauseous Fairy

I have been feeling like crap since Tuesday. Nauseous the whole time.
Today I can hardly stand on my feet without feeling sick or light headed.
We had a bit of “unprotected fun” a week ago. But I doubt I could be pregnant. & if I was, I doubt there would be symptoms already. IF I was pregnant, I’d only be three weeks along (counting from my last period).

Not to freak myself out or get excited too quickly; but is it possible to have these symptoms even if you were about three weeks pregnant?