Failure at Launch

I feel like a total disappointment.
I feel like I have lost all inspiration & belief in myself. As a writer. At being a success. At having motivation. Everything is gone.

I have no life for my studies. I can’t get a start on my second assignment. I have two months left in my course & I have four assignments outstanding. & I’m getting nowhere with them.

My blog has been denied of my posts as well. I don’t think it’s bloggers block. I just have no desires to write. About anything. I’m emitting so much positive energy, I’m about to touch a light bulb & it will shine. {It seems I suck at sarcasm as well.}

I keep thinking, writing is the only thing I think I’m good at. If I can’t even do this, what do I do? Where do I go?

I’m a failure & I don’t even try denying it.