I Like to Karaoke

So I love singing but I can’t sing for shit! But today I decided to actually record the song I sang on my karaoke app & post the link on my blog.. Yes. I do believe I have lost my mind. I wouldn’t usually do something as extreme as this..

Check out my performance of My Heart Will Go On here: http://www.smule.com/p/252452488_65314210 with another member who decided to join in the duet..

Slow Monday


Today really is a very slow day. Time is dragging by a little faster than usual but it seems the day is taking forever to come to an end.

I’m sitting here already thinking about what needs to be done at home, & half wishing I could go earlier to complete all the chores before picking Chase up from school. But it will have to wait until tonight.

I hope you all are having a faster day than I am. :)

Can We Rewind the Weekend?


Yes. Those are my feet {big feet, yes}.
I’m finally in a moment of peace after dealing with a {spontaneously} busy weekend. I now need a weekend AFTER the weekend.

Chase slept over at Byren’s parents last night & we attended Byren’s Rugby Club Year End function. It was an eventful night & Byren’s team won the team of the year award. Super happy for them. It was definately deaerved!!
Now after the function we went to the after party which was only suppose to consist of one drink each. We ended up spending almost three hours there. I stayed sober & danced while watching {for my own entertainment} how people became senseless drunk around me… I don’t miss these days at all.
Today I spent my time with Laundry. My undivided attention was all over her. It’s been a while that we had shared such a close time together.

Ugh.. So at the end of this weekend, I had no rest really. & I am exhausted. Relax time with aromatherapy bath salts & I’m already feeling a little better..

Chat soon again… :)
Have a great week further!!