Like It Never Happened

ImageSo this morning I woke up feeling fine. I have the flu, but apart from that just fine.

The symptoms I’ve been having for a week {exactly a week} are gone. No more nausea, no more gas, no nothing. Even feel like my eating routine is normal. How is that possible?

Could I have imagined up all the symptoms? Lower back-pain? Abdominal cramps? Running to the loo every few minutes because of a bladder that doesn’t stretch like the rest of your body?

I know people say I have an overactive imagination – fair enough, I can agree on that. But to such an extent?

There’s a reason why I didn’t get too excited too quickly. This exact reason. What if it was just a ‘phase’ my body was going through, with my mind running away again?

I guess all I can say is, better conceiving luck next time?

Grow a Pair


I take my hat off to all the single mom’s that raise their kid(s) on their own. I don’t know how you do it. Honestly.

I’m married, we have a son & I still find it hard to get through some days. Then I read blogs of single women conquering the world as well as raising children at the same time. This makes me stop & think, {What the fuck am I doing wrong?}.

Sad part is I’m alone for at home for three evenings. Byren coaches Rugby on those evenings, leaving me to cook, clean, sort Chase out & still find some time for myself. I still can’t get through the process smoothly. So I probably wouldn’t make it as a single mom.

Call me a bitch, but I’m strict on the times that Byren gets home on those nights. I expect him to put in effort in his parenting roles as well. It’s fun to make the baby & all, but with that fun comes responsibility. Most of the men at the rugby club are single & carefree. There are no responsibilities awaiting them at home; no wives to nag at them, no children to raise. So they spend a lot of time drinking & going home in the morning hours. There are a few men who have wives & families. The wives, unlike me, don’t have a problem with this. {I have a big fucking problem with it.} 

They have accepted this ‘arrangement’ because their husbands have been doing it for a couple of years now; it’s a normal routine so why does it need to be changed? Right? Wrong! How can you let your husband rather drink with his buddies than spend time with his family? Byren use to come home when Chase was already long asleep. He would literally see him the next morning for about an hour before school & then only the next morning again. Is this considered normal? I think not. That’s when I put my foot down. Only one in those three evenings is he allowed to stay out an hour later; only an hour. If he isn’t home in that hour, I phone him. Call me nagging, needy & controlling. I don’t care. What’s fair is fair.

I don’t go out. I have one girls night once a month, even then I don’t drink or forget I have a home. None of that. I’m still responsible & I respect Byren’s wishes. Just the same, I expect him to respect mine.

Now when I talk about ‘growing a pair’, it’s for someone specific. I don’t know how this marriage works. I don’t. It’s probably not my place to judge, yes; but some things are not acceptable.

We’ll call this man Martin. Martin & his wife, Shelly, have been married for nine years {I think}. They have a son, Jason, who is turning three. Martin drinks a lot. I have never seen him not drinking in the two years that I know him. Never. Martin will drink around his wife & son, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. They travel in separate cars, because when Shelly is tired, she can leave with Jason. Martin doesn’t go with. He stays to.. Yep, drink. I remember an occasion, think it was still on Chase’s birthday last year. The family arrived in one car. At about 23H00, Shelly was tired, Jason was asleep but Martin wasn’t done yet. She went to sleep next to Jason in one of the bedrooms. At about 02H00, finally Martin decided he wanted to go home because there was some sort of argument that broke out. No consideration for his wife or son. Now, Shelly is pregnant with a little girl. I wonder if Martin will man the fuck up & actually care? He’ll post things on photo’s of Facebook about love & {blah blah blah}. His actions are different though. Actions are truth.

I’m sorry. I would NOT let my husband do that to me. Child or no child. There is respect & responsibility. He has neither.

Oh yes, this is the same guy that I mentioned in this post a while back - Asshole Award


That’s a Fear? Phobias (22/04)

ThatsAFearPhobias Oct 2013


1. Thaasophobia- Fear of sitting.

2. Pediculophobia- Fear of lice.

3. Scotomaphobia- Fear of blindness in visual field.

4. Politicophobia- Fear or abnormal dislike of politicians.

5. Venustraphobia- Fear of beautiful women.

6. Suriphobia- Fear of mice.

7. Sesquipedalophobia- Fear of long words.

8. Tomophobia- Fear of surgical operations.

9. Virginitiphobia- Fear of rape.

10. Zoophobia- Fear of animals. 


Joke -A- Tuesday: (22/04)


While waiting for a bus, the blind man’s dog decided to go to the bathroom all over the blind man’s legs.

A passerby commented to the blind man, “What! That dog just went to the bathroom all over your legs, and you are petting him?! Are you crazy?”

To which the blind man replied, “Madam, I am not petting him, I am feeling for his bottom, so I can kick him.”

Ugh, make it stop!!!

I’m feeling even worse than yersterday.

I’ve been feeling nauseous all day. I had light craps in my abdoman. I’m only due for my next cycle in a week’s time so I can’t be having those craps already.

I feel bloated. Yes, definitely bloated.
I feel hungry almost directly about two hours after I’ve eaten a meal. Just today I couldn’t stop drinking Coke. & I’m emotional as hell. Cried twice from over upsetting myself.
I feel gassy & I keep feeling that I need to go to the loo, but suddenly I feel constipated {cringe word}. So I feel I need to go but once I’m there, nothing. I don’t know what the hell is happening.

All these things I’m feeling are pregnancy symptoms, I know. But I don’t want to get carried away just yet. I mean, all it could be is me imagining it up because deep down I really want another baby. {Although I don’t know how one can imagine feeling nauseous to such an extent that it feels real.

Any of these symptoms ring a bell? IF i was preggers, I’d only be three weeks along.