Failure at Launch

I feel like a total disappointment.
I feel like I have lost all inspiration & belief in myself. As a writer. At being a success. At having motivation. Everything is gone.

I have no life for my studies. I can’t get a start on my second assignment. I have two months left in my course & I have four assignments outstanding. & I’m getting nowhere with them.

My blog has been denied of my posts as well. I don’t think it’s bloggers block. I just have no desires to write. About anything. I’m emitting so much positive energy, I’m about to touch a light bulb & it will shine. {It seems I suck at sarcasm as well.}

I keep thinking, writing is the only thing I think I’m good at. If I can’t even do this, what do I do? Where do I go?

I’m a failure & I don’t even try denying it.

On the Brighter Side

Yes, on the brighter side, I found work again.
It’s a place I worked at before the place that retrenched me. Better yet, my mom in law is my boss. Which is cool because we get along very well.
I only start at the end of this month. So I have a little more time to catch up with my studies, which I haven’t given any attention since the beginning of July.

Ouch! That means a lot of time & hard work lying ahead of me.

August Rush

Hello fellow bloggers!!

I hope everyone had a pleasant break from me ;)
Nah, I’m just kidding.. I hope I was missed dearly & deeply!!

So in my absence, a few things happened.
First of all, my angel Chase turned two on the 26th of July. We didn’t have a major party but had a few friends over with family to celebrate the day with us. Chase enjoyed smashing his cake all right too which every kiddo deserves to do.


Further more, the work that I found is no more. I quit a week ago. The expectations of working hours turned out to be worse than I thought they would be in my initial interview. Working overtime & some weekends I wouldn’t be able to do because I have a little one to get home to. As well, there are plenty of nights when Byren has to work late so I have to be at home. It just wasn’t going to work out. Also, working on an unstable salary each month leaves me no assurance that I can stand on. Apart from all this, I met an amazing bunch of girls whom I wish good luck for the future.


Rugby season has finally come to an end which means Byren will be at home every evening. I can’t wait to actually spend more time with him as well as us together as a family.


Life is going pretty ok so far. Being a housewife is a new experience. But OH MY SOUL, I can’t clean every day. That’s all my day consists of. I can’t… I can’t!! Must find work as soon as possible.

Well, see you with the next update then?

Happy Sunday, everyone!!